Enjoying God at WRPC

Part of our church’s heritage teaches us that the chief end of humanity is to glorify God (Psalm 86) and to enjoy God forever (Luke 2:10). This page shows ways we have been enjoying God and each other recently.
Experiencing the “Road to Resurrection”
Seder Meal
Kids’ Meal – better?
Emmaus Road
Egg Hunt
Amiable Acolyte                                  Super Shepherd
6      33
Youth Group at Putt-Putt

From the Newsheet:

Add Some Color to Your Life!
It’s not just for children anymore. We’re not talking about a tasty snack or even an exciting vacation destination. We’re talking about coloring! That’s right, coloring–as in crayons, pencils and your favorite blank designs!
Print the image at the left and give it a try!