At Waverly Road Presbyterian Church, we believe in using our facilities to their fullest potential…
…That’s why we house Waverly Road Child Care Center;
…That’s why our church library is filled with books for adults, youth and children regarding personal growth and spirituality issues. There are also fiction books and videos available for check-out, as well as worship services on CDs;
…That’s why we partner with Meals on Wheels, where volunteers use our kitchen to prepare healthy meals for those in need;
…That’s why we host Boy Scout Troop meetings;
…That’s why we run a food pantry every Friday to help meet the needs of families in our communities;
…That’s why you can find our Fellowship Hall transformed into temporary living areas for homeless families being served through the Interfaith Hospitality Network. They’re our special guests several times a year;
…That’s why we have a place for young people to meet for Bible study, tutoring, or just to hang out (always adult chaperoned).
Opportunities to help each other and share the good news of Jesus Christthat’s why our church building is seldom empty.