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Grateful for God's love in Jesus Christ, I (we) intend to support the church and reach out with that love to others. Therefore, I (we) make the following pledge to support the mission of the church through our congregation, Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly:

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The elder who is serving as Receiving Treasurer is the only person who sees pledge or contribution information.


Report from your Receiving Treasurer

Bill Butler


This is the eighth year that I have had the pleasure and honor of being your Receiving Treasurer. As such, I have noticed a few trends and factoids that I would like to share with you:

  • Looking at all the funds, the heaviest contributions are made in April and December. I attribute this to Easter and Christmas holidays. We tend to get more unpledged contributions and loose cash in the collection plate during these holiday seasons as well. Things generally start ramping up around Thanksgiving. It must be the turkey!
  • The leanest months for total contributions are in June and July. I attribute this somewhat to summer vacations. We Stewardship types affectionately refer to this as the “summer slump”.
  • The Food Pantry receives a considerable amount of its total yearly donations each year in December. This is due in part to the Christmas Card project.
  • Pledged contributions are pretty much steady all year long. This is great for budgetary purposes, since we have expenses to cover all year long. The Stewardship Committee thanks you!