Waverly Road Presbyterian Church

Mission: Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples

Welcome to a Grace Place!

Events: Click the events link to see times for regular services and date-specific opportunities.

New: Urgent prayer request from Nepal. Click here to view the letter.

Sign up here to register for WOW Christian Caregiving class starting on 9/16/15 and to order a $15 book.

Liturgical clock and cross

Godly Play is here! Wish I were a kid again and this was my class!                                                                            This is my favorite picture. Right arrow

Click Godly Play to go to its webpage and see more pictures.

Members: There's a new resource available for you. It's a one-page document showing our Ministry Structure. It contains names of ministry areas, names of committees, elders assigned to each, programs assigned to committees, and names of contacts assigned to programs. Click on the Member News button. If you've never received the login and password, complete the short form from that link to get them. You may even find other interesting information!

VISION:  We strive for Waverly Road Presbyterian Church to be a congregation where people:

  • Have a deep relationship with God,
  • Know why their faith is important to them,
  • Are comfortable talking about their faith,
  • Look for ways to share their faith,
  • Help others grow in faith,
  • Nurture relationships, and
  • Are welcoming and loving.


  • The Library is open before and after services, and during office hours. As they become available, we are offering online resources at the Library webpage.

We are a Stephen Ministry Church.