Middle School Sunday School

9:45 to 10:45am in the Youth Suite – Karen Gilmer
 On Sunday Morning, our Middle School Youth can be found on the Second Floor of our Education Wing, doing anything but sitting down listening to a lecture! These youth use arts, drama, games, and discussion in an attempt to understand God’s word for their lives today and become familiar with Biblical teachings.
     Middle Schoolers participate in activities sponsored by Holston Presbytery Youth ministry. One of their favorite events is the annual retreat at the Camp in the fall.

High School Sunday School

9:45 to 10:45am in the Youth Suite – Bill Butler and Candace Sass
On Sunday Morning, our High School Youth can be found in a class with volunteers and two teachers. The lesson is led by one Adult and one Youth, with a fun and engaging curriculum. Our goal for the youth in this class is to help them prepare for life “in the real world.”

Combined Youth Groups

First Sunday Evening of each month, 5:30-7:00pm – Rev. Josh Russell and volunteers
 The Name of the Game Sunday Evening is variety! Our youth meet under the guidance of Rev. Josh Russell and volunteers. Sometimes there is a topical discussion, like “White Lies and Half-truths: Is it ever ok to lie?” or learning about God’s view of war. Sometimes the youth visit church shut-ins, lead worship at Baysmont (a local nursing home) or do other mission work. Still other times, it’s a fun and games night. 
     Also, High School youth are invited to participate with youth of other area Presbyterian churches in leadership, fellowship and faith activities. See what that’s all about at this link: Holston Presbytery Youth Council
Youth Group Outing - October 2015

Youth Group Outing – October 2015

2016 Youth Mission Trip

IMG_6031 IMG_6032 IMG_6034
Here are just a few highlights from the WRPC High School Youth Mission Trip in New York City, June 12-18. Our youth mission group helped with Project Hospitality assisting with the Food Pantry, Soup Kitchen and Community Service Center. We helped people get much needed food, communicated with recipients that could not speak English, and helped with Hurricane Sandy Relief at Midland Park Beach. We also attended an HIV Seminar and shared a meal with those suffering with HIV/AIDS. And, we saved the best for last; sight-seeing in beautiful New York City!